Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray’s Favorites

Mayor Rick Gray

Lancaster city Mayor Rick Gray had several recommendations off the top of his head—and despite what a city booster he is, some ideas outside the city’s borders. Gray, 70, has lived in Lancaster since 1972. He showed Lancaster to his wife, Gail, on a visit many years ago, and she said if he ever wanted to move, she’d move to Lancaster in a second. Soon after, he found a job here. They still live in the same house. “Best $18,000 I ever spent,” he says.

Strasburg Rail Road

The mayor particularly recommends it for small children.

301 Gap Road, Ronks, PA 17572

866-725-9666, (717) 687-6193

Gallery Row and affiliated galleries

“It’s an art lover’s paradise, really,” Mayor Gray said. “If you can’t find something to please you, then you don’t like anything.”

Lancaster Central Market

Gray can frequently be found walking and shopping with his wife, Gail, at the famed farmer’s market.

23 N Market St, Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 735-6890

Motorcycle Riding

A huge motorcycle buff—he owns 11— the mayor enjoys riding the countryside, particularly the southern end of the county. His suggestion: Take Route 324 south of the city to the river hills and drive along River Road. “Some of the best motorcycle riding in the country,” the mayor said.

The City’s Dining Scene

“You could eat in a different restaurant every night of the month and still not eat at all of them,” Mayor Gray said.

Walking the City

“I like to walk against traffic. If the street’s a one-way going east, go west. You see all kinds of things that you’ve been driving by for years, but you have a different perspective,” the mayor said. “I tell locals to take their eyes off the gum on the sidewalk and look up” at the buildings and architecture.

— Dan Nephin