Best Places for Railroad Buffs

VL-Railroad Buffs (train & Caboose motel)

Lancaster County draws thousands of train enthusiasts every year to Strasburg and vicinity, a hub of historic railroad sites. From toys and scale models to the real thing, here are the best places for train buffs. Read more

Most Scenic Spots

VL-Most Scenic (Chickies Rock)

Lancaster County is full of natural beauty. Here’s where to find some of the best vistas nature has to offer. (Addresses are approximate; click maps for more specific location.) Read more

Best Museums

VL-Museum (RR Museum)

From trains to presidents to art to science to colonial farms, Lancaster has a great museum for every topic and taste. Here are 14 of the best. Read more

Notable Architecture

VL-Architecture (Longhouse)

Lancaster County is full of architecture that has both historical and design value. Here are some examples that span the centuries from the pre-Colonial era to present day. Read more

Historic Homes

Blaine T. Shahan/Staff Here is Robert Fulton’s birthplace in Fulton Township.

Lancaster County is home to the oldest Mennonite meetinghouse in the country, the residence of a U.S. President faced with the possibility of Civil War and the home of a Revolutionary War general. But there were lots of other fascinating people whose lives are explored at an array of historic homes throughout the county. Read more

Historic Buildings

VL-Historic Building (Bangor Church)

In every corner of Lancaster County, you can find places where American history was made. Here are 10 interesting structures, built from Colonial times into the 19th century: Read more