Places to Buy an Amish Quilt

VL-Buy Quilt (Nancy's Corner)

Amish quilts, in distinctive, colorful patterns, are among the most famous products of Lancaster County. Many quilts are sold privately by Amish quilters, but there are also local stores that specialize in them. Read more

Farmer Stands

VL-Farmer Stand (Corn Wagon)

Lancaster County’s agricultural abundance is widely available, both at farmer’s markets and at individual farm stands around the county. Here are some places to get the best that local farmers have to offer. Read more

Best Book Stores

dogstar1 INTELL

Looking for bookstores that go beyond bestsellers and brew? Here are independent stores that sell used, rare and out-of-print books—and maybe a bestseller or two! Read more

Best Places to Shop for Antiques

Stands are ready for antique hunters at The Toll Booth in Columbia.

The farmsteads, barns and houses of Lancaster County are packed with the furniture, dishware, tools, quilts, jewelry, art and other goods of past eras. Regularly, these treasures surface for sale at these shops and antique mall stands. Read more

Best Shopping Areas

VL-Shopping Area

From giant shopping malls to funky antique shops, Lancaster County abounds with places to shop. Here are the major locations for retail therapy. Read more

10 Places to Buy Art in Lancaster City

VL-Buy Art

Lancaster city has seen a renaissance of the arts during the past decade. Whatever your taste, from traditional to contemporary, the city’s galleries have much to offer. These galleries are clustered on downtown’s Gallery Row. Read more

Best Deals at Lancaster Central Market

... below, the flash “chorus” crowds the aisles.

Many know that buying produce when it’s in season is one of the best bargains at Lancaster Central Market, because nothing is better than farm-to-stand produce. However, there are some hidden deals at the market that many may not know about. Lancaster Central Market is open Tuesday and Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Read more

Best Souvenirs—and Places to Get Them

An Amish quilt uses color to enliven a strict pattern.

Like any tourist area, Lancaster County has more than its share of souvenir stores and kitschy things to bring back home. Here’s how to be an expert in local souvenirs. (Hint: some of the very best souvenirs are edible!) Read more