10 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

VL-Vegetarian (Upohar)

Lancaster County is well-known for its Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, but if meat and dairy aren’t for you, there still are plenty of great dining options. Here are some great places for vegetarians and vegans to find a meal. Read more

Best Places to Get Pretzels

Just out of the oven! Photo Jeff Ruppenthal.

Pretzels are a staple of Lancaster County life. America’s first commercial pretzel bakery was established in Lititz in 1861. That, combined with Lancaster County’s Pennsylvania Dutch roots, have made it a hub for pretzel bakeries—both local and national—many of which still produce traditional, hand-rolled soft and hard pretzels. Read more

9 Chocolate and Candy Factories


Before Hershey’s was in Hershey, it was just Milton Hershey, creating caramels in his Lancaster County candy shop. So it’s fitting that there are still plenty of candy makers in the area, south of that famous chocolate-making town. Read more

Best Diners

The interior of Jennie’s Diner is decorated for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes, only a diner meal can satisfy a healthy American appetite. Fortunately, Lancaster County has lots of places to choose from where they sling hash and serve ’em sunny side up, old-school style. Read more

Best Places For Sushi

... below left, the finished plate of sushi.

It’s hard to believe that just 15 years ago sushi restaurants didn’t exist in Lancaster County. Now you can buy sushi just about anywhere, including the supermarket, though there are better options. Try one of these restaurants, which serve some of the freshest, most skillfully prepared sushi in the county. Read more