10 Great Places To Take A Selfie

VL-Selfie (Steinman)

The best selfies are spontaneous sparks of inspiration—but if you’re going to be traveling the area anyway, here are some spots that will give you a great background, with or without your face in the picture.

“Driving” a steam locomotive at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania has dozens of vintage locomotives and rail cars, many of which you can clamor aboard for the perfect photo from the age of the Iron Horse.

300 Gap Rd, Strasburg, PA 17579

(717) 687-8628

Play it Again, Selfie

If you’re in downtown Lancaster during the summer (May-September), track down some of dozen or so custom-designed pianos placed along the sidewalks for the public to play as part of the Keys for the City program. 2015 is the sixth year the nonprofit group Music for Everyone has turned the city into the Street Piano Capital of the World. Bring your musical skills to the pianos, and stretch your selfie skills into a Vine-recorded performance.

A Covered Bridge

Inside, under or next to a covered bridge. (If you’re ‘selfie-ing’ with someone else: They sometimes were called “kissing bridges,” because you could smooch your sweetheart as you rode through, and no one would be the wiser). There are lots to choose from, but one of the safest might be the Kurtz Mill Bridge, off Kiwanis Road in Lancaster County Central Park, on the southeastern edge of Lancaster city—because of its location, there’s very little vehicular traffic.

Kiwanis Dr, Lancaster, PA 17602

Breezyview Overlook, Chickies Rock County Park

Park in the county’s parking lot off the west side of Route 441 at the top of Chickies Hill. It’s a walk of less than 50 yards to the towering Susquehanna River overlook.

Columbia, PA 17512

Out In the Country

Drive the countryside around New Holland, in eastern Lancaster County; the area around Strasburg (Route 896, for example); the roads in the county’s Southern End. Just be sensitive to Amish farmers you may see working their fields: Don’t interrupt them, ask for their photos (their religion frowns upon photos) or treat the area like a giant costumed performance. It’s not.

The 17-foot Amish Man

Take a detour to Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn and visit Amos. He’s a giant statue that used to stand at a Denver-area diner, and he’s eager to pose with you. Just down the road, at Katie’s Kitchen (200 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks), is a giant boy holding a pair of pigs. Really—where else can you take selfies with a massive Amish man and a massive boy with pigs and a giant ice cream cone?

240 Hartman Bridge Rd, Ronks, PA 17572

(717) 687-8635

The Newspaper Reader

There’s a bronze man who’s been reading newspapers at the entrance of Steinman Park for ages. He doesn’t move or talk, and he won’t crack a smile or make a selfie “duckface,” but he’s more than happy to pose for a photo or two with you. (Yes, it’s a sculpture by artist J. Seward Johnson Jr.)

20 W King St, Lancaster, PA 17603

The River Bridge

River Park, at the end of Walnut Street in Columbia, has a beautiful view of the 1930 Columbia-Wrightsville bridge that carries Route 462 traffic across the Susquehanna River. There’s a river access ramp if you want to bring a canoe or kayak, but there’s no real need. You can get a great shot just from the park itself.

Columbia, PA 17512

What Big Eyes You Have, You Animal

See if you can coax an alpaca into your photo. Eastland Alpacas in Mount Joy, open by chance, is one place you can find them. Or spot one of the Lancaster Police Mounted Unit’s horses out and about in the city. The patrol’s headquarters and barn are at Long’s Park.

2089 Risser Mill Rd, Mount Joy, PA 17552

(717) 653-2757

What’s Your Sign?

Make a quick stop to grab a photo at the signs at the entrances to the interestingly named villages of Intercourse (Leacock Township), Bird-in-Hand (East Lampeter and Upper Leacock townships) or Blue Ball (East Earl Township).

Intercourse, PA 17534

— Jennifer Kopf